Dear Superintendent/Principal,

Our innovative ADOPT-A-SCHOOL PROGRAM provides you a world-class STEM+ academy at NO COST to you!

Your students can go up a grade level in math or reading in 20-30 learning hours at no cost to you, as documented by the acclaimed State University of New York (SUNY)!

You will meet AYP and Your State Standards!

You will prepare your students better for college and 21st century workforce- our joint mission!

APPLICATION FORM (Complete and Submit)

Eligibility: Any school /school district with 35% or more students on F/R lunch

Minimum enrollment: 100 employees, so that 100students get free STEM+ training (academic, application, hands-on)

Availability: 100 grants on a first-come, first-serve basis; at least one award/state

Rationale: US is ranked 25th out of 35 countries in math, reading and science.  Our students need world-class STEM+ education to compete in the global economy!

STEPS: This is how it works (7 simple steps):

  1. You get local corporations/organizations/chambers of commerce/community foundations/benefactors/others to adopt one or more schools for us to provide world-class blended training (online courses _ online live mentors) in IT/ Business/Soft Skills to local employees at a cost of $290 per employee per year (at least 50% below market cost). Your school/district collects funds.
  2. In exchange, we (NEF) set up a VIRTUAL ADULT ED ACADEMY in your school district to provide the employees of the entities training valued at $1,000 per employee (top-quality Web-based courses) in 2,500 IT and Business courses provided to you by us. These courses include 100+ IT and Business certifications from the very basic Microsoft Office to the very advanced Internet Security and Project Management. The employees will also receive course completion certificates from SUNY (State University of NY) at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
  3. Then, we will set up a world-class STEM+ ACADEMY (STEM plus ELA, Social Studies, SAT/ACT, Career Tech) for your students at NO COST to you.
  4. We also set up a  PARENT ACADEMY for Professional/Personal Development at NO COST to you. NEF is doing so, since NEF believes that active parent involvement is crucial for student success.
  5. In addition, we set up a Professional Development Academy for TEACHERS at NO COST to you.
  6. We donate top-rated (by the US Education Dept.) interactive, individualized online COURSES including the Pearson SuccessMaker (K-8) and GradPoint (9-12) at NO COST to you. Our courses are fully mapped to  your state standards.
  7. We then arrange for a team from SUNY (State University of NY) to set up a STEM+ TOTAL SYSTEM SOLUTION program consisting of PSL-MM-TT services: Personalized learning, Stipends for the academy director, teachers and principals, Learning Management system,  Mentoring, Motivational rewards such as iPods, gift certificates, minecraft licenses for K-8 and $1 million STEM fesign software licenses for 9-12 students,  as well as free training for teachers and parents, Teacher training and Tech support. We provide you funds to implement these services at NO COST to you.

PS. If a local employer is currently paying $1,000 for training an employee, say in Project Management, Internet Security etc.,  you may offer to do the training for $500. In that case, you generate a surplus of $210 ($500 – $290 you pay us) per employee. Thus, for training 1,000 employees, you generate $210,000 extra for your general funds, while educating 1,000 students in STEM+, 1,000 parents in IT & Business, and 1,000 teachers in professional skills, all at NO COST to you!


WIN for LOCAL EMPLOYERS (Corporations, Gov Agencies, Other Organizations, Foundations):

  1. Enormous (50%+)  savings in employee training cost 
  2. Improved employee productivity and morale
  3. Community Recognition via the sponsor name in every classroom Olympic Motivation Board we provide
  4. National, regional and local PR and Publicity 
  5. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Credits ; CRA credits for Banks
  6. Course Completion Certificates from SUNY (State University of NY)


  1. World-class CyberLearning STEM+ Academy at NO COST
  2. PARENT IT, Business & Management Academy at NO COST
  3. TEACHER Professional Development Academy at NO COST
  4. Ability to meet AYP, Common Core  and state standards at NO COST
  5. Better community relations and support

WIN for STUDENTS (Most Important)

  1. Improved scores & skills
  2. Better prepared for college and 21st Century workforce;
  3. Certificates from SUNY (State University of NY)


  1. Improved community-school relations
  2. Workforce better prepared for 21st Century jobs
  3. Higher wages and living standards

WIN for NEF and SUNY:

  1. Bridging the STEM+ academic and job skills divides

About NEF (founded in 1989)

Former President Bill Clinton to NEF Chairman and the ‘father of cyberlearning,’ Dr. Appu Kuttan:

“You are helping to empower tomorrow’s leaders. I salute you for your ongoing commitment for creating a better and stronger America”

National Education Foundation (NEF), founded in 1989 in the Washington, DC area, is the national non-profit leader in preparing disadvantaged school student for college and 21st century workforce via high-quality affordable STEM+ education solutions. NEF’s Total Solution CyberLearning STEM+ academy, directed by SUNY (State University of NY), enables a student to go up a grade level in math or reading in 20-30 learning hours. NEF also provides FREE training for PARENTS, and tuition-free training for employees and jobseekers in IT, business and management. NEF students and adults receive course completion certificates from SUNY.

Contact: Ms. Tamara Stephens
K-12 Program Director, NEF
Tel: 703-823-9999