- 9-12 SAT

9-12 SAT

11 courses included in this package is the online version of Barron's How to Prepare for the new SAT book. The package includes countdown to SAT, format of SAT, Winning tactics, Diagnostic SAT, Verbal, Math, Writing, 6 Model Tests and Organizing your Admissions Game Plan.
Package includes (click titles for description)                                                                  Learning Hours
SAT Diagnostic Test4
SAT Model Test 13
SAT Model Test 23
SAT Model Test 33
SAT Model Test 44
SAT Model Test 54
SAT Model Test 64
SAT Module 1: Get Acquainted with New SAT2
SAT Module 2: Tactics, Strategies, Practice: Critical Reading6
SAT Module 3: Tactics, Strategies, Practice: Writing Skills6
SAT Module 4: Tactics, Strategies, Practice: Mathematics 15

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