- 9-12 ACT

9-12 ACT

The 9 courses in this package prepare you for the ACT examination. The diagnostic test is used to determine your strengths and weaknesses. The 5 review courses help you review and practice the 5 areas tested in the ACT exam. Finally, the Model exams help you evaluate your progress in preparing for the actual ACT.
Package includes (click titles for description)                                                                  Learning Hours
ACT - Diagnostic Examination4
ACT - English Review1
ACT - Mathematics Review1
ACT - Reading Review1
ACT - Science Reasoning Review1
ACT - Writing Test1
ACT Model Examination A4
ACT Model Examination B3
ACT Model Examination C3

Valid for 12 Months Fee: $975 Scholarship: $895 You Pay: $80

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