by the National Education Foundation (NEF),national non-profit leader in K-12 STEM+ Education, and SUNY (State University of New York), the largest University in the U.S.

Rationale: According to a recent U.S. Education Department report, national math scores for 4th and 8th graders were the worst since 1990. U.S students are in the bottom 20% in math in a highly competitive global scene. We have to take drastic measures to alleviate this serious situation.

Hence NEF and SUNY are providing 80% matching grant to K-8 schools in the nation to implement Math Academy Total Systems that will complement and supplement existing math programs in a very flexible way.

Complete the application form below:

Grant Eligibility:  All K-8 schools are eligible.

DeadlineGrants are awarded on an ongoing basis, first come, first served.

Matching Grant (80%): NEF provides 80% Matching Grant consisting of:

  1.  All the courses (including Pearson SuccessMaker, as well as Skillsoft IT, Business, Desktop, Personal/Professional Development and SUNY Digital Literacy) worth tens of thousands of dollars
  2. Funds for Total System Solution PSL-MM-TT services listed below.

PSLMMTT services:

  1. Personalized Learning: Customized learning for each student
  2. Stipend/Bonus for the Academy Director, Teachers and Principals
  3. Learning Management System (LMS): Tracking of student activities, student progress and real time reports (for school superintendent, school board etc.)
  4. Motivational Program: Student rewards (Olympic boards in classrooms, iPods, gift certificates, etc.), parent academy in IT and business, teacher academy for professional development
  5. Mentoring Program: Mentoring for students
  6. Teacher Training
  7. Tech Support& 24/7 Help Line

Your Cost (20%): You pay $290 per student per year. A good portion of this fee is paid back to you for the above services

Money Back Guaranty: If 80% of your students do not advance one grade level in math during the school year, we will reimburse you the fee you paid on a proportional basis. Thus, if only 60% of students make it, we will reimburse 20% and so on. This is the first such guarantee in the U.S.

Standards: All courses meet your state standards as well as the common core curriculum standards

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