How Technology helps in Covid 19? Get a detailed insights!

We all know how much COVID-19 has affected both our personal and professional lives. During this time of constant fear and panic, our willingness to use technology has been our only way to stay alive. It is also true that technology can’t stop a pandemic from happening, but it can help people deal with a crisis better. But technology is helping us fight the pandemic and deal with this situations. Let’s discuss how How Technology helps in Covid 19.

How Technology Helps in Covid 19

Technology played a very important role in covid 19. We all were isolated in homes and had no connection with out family and friends. We can’t go out to buy groceries. We can’t meet with our closed one to see how they are doing. And the major thing is that technology played an extraordinary role in treatment of people who were suffering. So let’s answer in detail about this question that How Technology helps in Covid 19.


Smartphones were playing an important part in reducing the amount of exposure that individuals are getting. Delivery applications enabled contactless delivery. In addition to this, mobile payment apps were helping to reduce the risk of physical connection during pandemic.

Video conferencing:

Everyday life has been hard because of the quarantine. It made impossible for people to get along with each other. Families and friends couldnot stay in touch and hang out with each other. So video conferenicing helped them a lot.

Work from home:

One of the most significant difficulties in the epidemic was that people are unable to perform their jobs in the same manner as they used to do. Company were offering their employees to work online. These businesses started using online meeting software and collaboration platforms to ensure that employees remain at home while the business continues to operate normally.

Contactless Online Deliveries

Online food sales increased throughout the outbreak. Families, especially those with young children or elderly members, appreciated ordering groceries online. This increased the number of new grocery-delivery app users. Online delivery business models are gaining popularity since customers can choose a delivery time slot and pay less if they order more.

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Robot nurses and AI Diagnosis

In some countries, hospitals adopted the use of robots to do tasks such as providing patients with food, medication, and other supplies; disinfecting hospitals and other public places; checking patients’ temperatures. Artificial intelligence, which can analyse hundreds of CT images in seconds, is even being used to identify the coronavirus.

Stock Market

For brokerage businesses, the adoption of technology in the stock market industry has been highly successful. As a result of the pendemic, clients were spending more time at home and had more opportunity to assess the market position, leading to a rise in trading volumes.

Remote Learning and Working

In order to ensure that students’ educations were not disturbed as a result of the pandemic, the majority of educational institutions started offering their classes online. 3D printing, virtual reality, and even robot teachers equipped with artificial intelligence are examples of technologies that are utilised in the field of distance education.

Contact Tracing Applications

Contact tracing applications such as Aarogya Setu have aided in monitoring the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, technology has helped in informing people about the issue and reminding them to take the appropriate safeguards.

The face recognition technology has enabled reliable identification of individuals even while they were wearing masks.

Face-recognition-enabled CCTV cameras have helped in the identification of infectious persons who disobey quarantine regulations and leave their houses while being confined.

3D Printing Applications for Covid-19

The people who use 3D printing were getting together to fight Covid-19. Some of the biggest problems with our health care system are the lack of tests and medical supplies, such as PPE (PPE).

3D printing also used to make medical equipment like ventilator valves and emergency breathing devices. It also used to make personal protective equipment like masks and mask fitters. But 3D printing has some technical challenges, like making PPE that meets safety standards.

Technology played an important rolel in worldwide pandemic. We have seen that how technology helps in Covid 19 and how it is used for a various reasons. It was an essential means of measuring and managing the covid effect. It is clear that advancements in technology helped a lot with the efficient, management of the COVID-19.

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