Valorant Patch Notes 5.12, Agent Updates, Release Date

The valorant patch notes 5.12 reveal several significant upcoming changes, including nerfs to the Spectre SMG, the beta deployment of the new, faster Swiftplay mode, and some significant adjustments to ultimates. Riot announced that the Valorant Patch 5.12 Release Date is December 6. Let’s see the Valorant agent updates in detail, but first, see a little introduction.

Valorant Patch Notes 5.12

The last patch for the year 2022 has been released for the online multiplayer game Valorant. Because this update is so significant, the valorant patch notes 5.12 are quite lengthy. In addition to increasing the cost of powerful ultimate powers, valorant patch notes 5.12 introduces the beta for the new Swiftplay option. It reduces the effectiveness of the Spectre SMG, which was previously considered one of the greatest Valorant firearms.

Riot has stated that the point cost for agent ultimates “that have massive, site-wide footprints” has been increased across the board. This change was made to reduce the number of times these abilities are used and make more alternatives for counterplay available.

Patch Notes Valorant 5.12

Since the Patch note valorant 5.12 will affect 15 Agents, this is one of the biggest sub-patches in Valiant’s history. Also, the Spectre has been greatly weakened so that its performance in-game is closer to a state of balance.

Riot has also changed how damage from different abilities interacts with each other. This means that some skills will act differently when used against other skills. Riot is also releasing a new beta version of a game mode where matches are played much faster and follow a best-of-nine-rounds format.

Valorant Patch Notes

Valorant Patch 5.12 Release Date

The official Valorant Patch 5.12 Release Date has been announced by Riot as December 6. The release schedule will vary slightly by area, and the in-game servers will be unavailable for a few hours for maintenance. Matchmaking will be paused, and you will be unable to enter the game during this time.

Valorant Agent Updates


Chamber has been a threat to Valorant’s metagame since he came out in November 2021. Since Chamber was made, this has always been the case. Chamber is one of the most popular Agents right now, both in casual and professional play.

Riot Games has changed Chamber’s performance as an Agent and the game’s Sentinel meta to make them more balanced and interesting.


Sage is one of the several Sentinels that will have their power level reduced in the future patch. Sage’s powers to attack will be severely restricted, and she will be transformed into more of a support Agent due to the adjustments. However, these modifications may not be very significant.


Within the Valorant’s Controller Agents group, Viper stands out as the individual with the most distinctive characteristics. Regarding the variety of options, it gives the squad during the Attack phase, her utility kit can’t be topped by anything else.

Patch note valorant 5.12 will ensure that Viper is balanced enough so that players can employ alternative Controllers such as Harbor and Astra, which currently have a low pick rate in casual and competitive play.


Skye’s utility kit, in contrast to that of the aforementioned Agents, has only undergone a couple of minor modifications. The upcoming patch will focus on Skye’s ability costs to strike a better balance between her and other characters.


The casual audience for Valorant’s newest Agent, Harbor, has not yet shown much enthusiasm for the game. Because the beginning of the next season of Valorant esports is still a few months away, gamers have not yet seen the best pro Controller players make the most of the Agent’s capabilities to the fullest extent possible.


Patch note valorant 5.12 will see the introduction of a couple of minor adjustments made to Yoru by Riot Games. Although he was released nearly two years ago, Yoru hasn’t found his place in Valorant’s metagame. This is even though a lot of people love the Japanese Duelist.

Yoru’s teleport ability has undergone some revisions at the hands of Riot’s game designers as part of their efforts to work the champion into the game’s established meta.


Killjoy’s ultimate ability is one of the most dangerous ultimates in Valorant because it has the ability to detain all of the enemy Agents that are within its range. To this point in the game, several different Agent abilities have been used to nullify Killjoy’s ultimate ability at a very low cost.

That will change with the upcoming Patch note valorant 5.12, which has also brought about the adjustments necessary for Killjoy to implement the change successfully.


Raze is the only Agent in the game with four distinct skills that can damage enemies. Raze’s most distinguishing feature is its ability to inflict significant harm on adversaries. However, when it locks onto numerous foes in confined spaces on the map—which is exactly the situation in which it is most useful—her Boom Bot ability can be quite a problem.

The next patch for valorant patch notes 5.12, will be the game’s final update for Episode 5 Act 3. Players in every region can anticipate that this update will become available on December 12, 2022, with the specific times differing depending on the region. We hope you find this article informative.

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