Wow Patch Notes Today: All you need to know is here!

The Wow patch notes for the update that went live on December 9 feature significant class adjustments, Dungeons and Raids Items and Rewards, and PvP adjustments. If you also love this game and want to know about hotfixes, then read the article carefully. We have mentioned world of warcraft patch notes today for your convenience.

Wow Patch Notes

The latest set of the world of warcraft patch notes has been released. Changes made public for the MMORPG include significant improvements to how the threat is generated for tanks and improvements for a fire mage, monk priest shaman. In the meantime, creatures and NPCs are being considered.

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Wow Hotfixes: December 9, 2022

The most notable Wow Hotfixes are some changes in Dungeons and Raids. According to Blizzard, the purpose of this change is to prevent damage dealers from drawing foes with their opening burst in dungeons while at the same time requiring tanks to engage enemies to maintain threat throughout the encounter actively.

Wow Patch Notes

World of Warcraft Patch Notes

Here are the mentioned Wow patch notes today; you can read the changes and learn how they are useful. So continue reading.

  • Achievements
  1. Fixed an issue that could cause The Best at What I Do to lose progress or start over completely. Unfortunately, the current progress toward achievements will be lost when this update is applied.
  • Classes
  • Mage
  1. A bug with Energized Barriers caused it to remove auras in addition to the accompanying snare effect. This has been fixed.
  • Monk
  • Mistweaver
  1. A bug prevented the buff from being applied by Accumulating Mist if Soothing Mist was channelled on a target other than the Monk. This has been fixed.
  • Priest
  • Discipline
  1. We fixed a bug preventing the Atonement healing effect from being triggered when Catharsis was used.
  • Shaman
  • Enhancement
  1. There was a bug where the Static Accumulation ability did not always function correctly for the duration of the Ascendance ability. This bug has been fixed.
  2. There was a bug that caused the maximum stacks of Hailstorm to be improperly refreshed to a lower number when the Overflowing Maelstrom talent was used. This bug has been fixed.
  • Warlock
  1. The duration of Soulburn has been increased to twenty seconds, and it can no longer be cancelled.
  2. All of the spells that are properly highlighted now include those that are affected by Soulburn.
  • Creatures and NPCs
  1. A bug in the Azure Span caused Brackenhide Gnolls to be able to chase players over a far greater distance than intended. This has been fixed.
  • Dragon riding
  1. The target of the parachute has been adjusted while employing the ride-along ability. The parachute’s correct recipient will be the passenger, not the driver.
  • Dungeons and Raids
  • Brakenhide Hollow
  1. After the players have vanquished Decatriarch Wratheye, Sentiu will now appear to assist them in escaping the dungeon.
  • Hackclaw’s War-Band
  1. Rira Hackclaw’s Savage Charge now deals less damage on Normal and Heroic difficulties, giving players a better opportunity to stay alive even when things don’t go as planned. On Mythic, the damage does not increase or decrease.
  • Halls of Infusion
  1. The Gulp Swog Toxin now only affects players and does not kill any creatures it comes into contact with.
  2. The appearance of the Primalist Galesinger’s Thunderstorm has been improved so that it is now simpler to spot when it is placed in water.
  • Nokhud Offensive
  • The Raging Tempest
  1. Fixed an issue that caused players to lose the ability to gain Surge of Power when using an Orb of Power if the Stormsurge Totem was destroyed.
  • Return to Karazhan
  • Opera Hall: Westfall Story
  1. Fixed an issue where the Thunder Ritual and Wash Away abilities were dealing an erroneously high amount of damage on the Mythic difficulty setting when the Keystone difficulty setting was not active.
  • Shrine of the Storm
  • Lord Stormsong
  1. We found and fixed a bug that made the Ancient Mindbender require an excessive amount of damage to be destroyed.
  • Items and Rewards
  • A bug prevented damage spells from activating the Furious Ragefeather ability. This has been fixed.
  • A bug with Infurious Legrwraps of Possibility caused it to grant an incorrect amount of haste when activated. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Dragonflight toys from being added to the collection when purchased.
  • Professions
  • Fishing
  1. As a result of the increased number of anglers who frequent the Dragon Isles, the Tuskarr who frequent the watering holes are now looking for 20 fish, up from the previous number of 10, to restock their most productive fishing holes. They will bestow the following privileges and benefits on you:
  1. 200 Iskaara Tuskarr reputation points will be awarded to the player who turns in Islefin Dorado first.
  2. One hundred Iskaara Tuskarr reputation points will be awarded to the first person who turns in each type of common fish.
  3. 5 Iskaara Tuskarr reputation points for each fish that is subsequently turned in.
  1. The rare lunkers summoned are already immune to the death grip, but the Elite lunkers are not, making it quite easy to dispatch them. The Elite Lunkers, the ones called to fishing holes with Ominous Conchs, are now resistant to the effects of Death Grip.
  1. Note from the Developers: Even normal lunkers that are found at random while Tuskarr is fishing, as well as those that are available in world quests, are still vulnerable to Death Grip.
  • Quests
  • The number of active quests a single-player character can have has increased to 35.
  1. Notes from the developers: We have read the feedback regarding the quest log cap for a considerable time and agree. It’s high time we stepped it up. Have a good time embarking on (up to) ten more exciting adventures!
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from viewing PvP world quests while in the Valdrakken zone.
  • Ohn’ahran Plains
  1. A bug that could have resulted in the Ohn’ahran Plains hosting multiple Grand Hunts simultaneously has been fixed.
  • Thaldraszus
  1. During “Flying Rocs,” a problem was fixed in which credit was not distributed evenly among the party members.
  2. The interact range for objectives relating to “Time-Locked Timewalkers” has been fixed.
  3. World Quests
  1. The tooltip for “Forgotten Grotto Relics” has been updated to include the Digging Spot.
  • The Waking Shores
  • There was an issue where Djaradin in the Burning Ascent was not granting credit correctly for the quest objective in “Make a Statement.” This has been fixed.
  • There was a problem where after turning in “The Shadow of His Wings,” numerous instances of NPCs would still be there. This has been fixed.
  • Reputation
  • Cobalt Assembly
  1. After reaching 5 stacks, players will no longer have the option to purchase Arcane Health.
  2. In War Mode, players can no longer access the Arcane Consumption option.

According to Blizzard, it will continue to monitor class balance throughout the coming week. It will make additional adjustments in the maintenance patch. So stay connected, and We hope you find this article useful. Enjoy your game!

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