What is Cyberlearning? New Era of Education

We are living in a time when education is changing rapidly, and we are finding ways to make the most of this new technology in order to better educate our children. That’s why you should know “What is Cyberlearning.” Cyberlearning is defined as the application of networked computer and communications technologies for supporting the learning process; as described by the National Science Foundation.

What is Cyberlearning?

“ Cyberlearning” refers to a program initiated by the National Science Foundation (NSF) that enables science students to learn through the Internet. It can be defined as the use of new technology in the creation of effective new learning experiences that were never previously possible or practical due to the use of new technologies.

There is a world of difference between cyberlearning and e-learning, but what cyberlearning does is to take the technology tools of today and apply them to the process of actually carrying out and facilitating learning experiences that otherwise would not be possible without the technology. 

Cyberlearning Examples

The following are a few examples of how cyberlearning is transforming the way that education is delivered.

  1. Making classrooms into zones of phenomenon-based inquiry through the use of technology
  2. The New Era of Games
  3. Learning through digital experiences for young learners
  4. Using collaborative tools for learning can enhance the learning process
  5. Arranged Virtual (VR)and Augmented Reality (AR)

CyberLearning Benefits

Cyberlearning is a movement that promotes the learning of important content in the following ways:

  • Understanding how people learn scientifically and applying these insights to the classroom
  • Utilizing emerging technologies to achieve business goals
  • Learning activities that are designed to transform students’ learning
  • Making teachers and other practitioners aware of the importance of engagement
  • Measuring the learning outcomes of deeper learning
  • Continually improving processes and procedures

CyberLearning Vs Elearning – Which one is better?

An online learning system is an extension of eLearning and uses technology tools to actually help students learn in a way that would be impossible without the support of the technology itself. The concept of cyberlearning can be described as a new twist on eLearning, where technology is used to facilitate learning. It is important to note that e-learning is more of a pure delivery of information (online) than a fundamental act of ‘doing’.

Unlike elearning, cyberlearning uses a digital platform to create a comprehensive technology-based learning experience that enables students to derive their own meaning, understanding, and thus learning.

Cyberlearning differs from elearning in that it involves actually doing something rather than just learning about it (as with elearning), enabling new educational experiences through digital tools. Educating using cyberlearning has vast and incredibly exciting implications, and I look forward to learning more! I hope you do that too. I hope you enjoyed reading the article and will share to appreciate our work.

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